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Hyundai Fuel Consumption Reimbursement Program Facts

Hyundai is committed to fully reimbursing affected current and former vehicle owners for the difference in fuel costs associated with our rating change.  Our top priority is to make things right for Hyundai owners.

Program Mechanics

Claim Process

  • Current owners (purchased/leased new or pre -owned):  Current owners must log onto the Customer Reimbursement website ( and enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to determine if the vehicle is included in the program.  If included, enter the current owner’s name and a message will display if customer matches Hyundai Auto Canada’s information as the current owner and they will be directed to visit their Hyundai dealership to submit the reimbursement claim. If the owner’s name entered does not match the owner’s name on file, the customer will be directed to the dealership and required to provide a proof of ownership. 
  • Former owners (purchased/leased new or pre -owned): Former owners must log onto the Customer Reimbursement website ( and enter the VIN to determine if the vehicle is included in the program. If included, former owners must visit their Hyundai dealership and provide proof of mileage during their ownership of the vehicle (e.g., purchase and sale documents, emissions certificates, repair orders or other documents demonstrating mileage) to initiate the reimbursement process.
  • Once their claim has been approved, owners will be sent a prepaid credit card with their reimbursement. 


  • Reimbursement formula:  Owners will be reimbursed based on:  (1) 2012 average fuel prices for their geographic area, plus 15%; (2) kilometers accrued by the owner; (3) change in combined (city/hwy) fuel consumption estimates for their vehicle; and (4) fuel grade (regular or premium) recommended for their vehicle.
  • 2012 average fuel prices will be based on The Kent Group data for the owner’s geographic area (Four regions in Canada: Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada).  The Kent Group is an independent company contracted by NRCan, who provides the fuel pricing data used on NRCan’s Fuel Focus Website. The Kent Group website is:
  • Owners will receive a prepaid credit card with the reimbursement amount based on the above formula.

Applicable Time Period Limitations

  • Current and former owners may make a claim for fuel consumption reimbursement beginning November 2, 2012.  Owners must register and make a claim before December 31, 2013. 
  • Current owners are advised to make one claim every calendar year, although they are permitted to make more than one claim per year.  They may also submit a second claim in a calendar year upon the sale of their subject vehicle.  Former owners may make one claim (per vehicle).
  • Fuel Consumption reimbursement will not be eligible for new owners taking ownership of any of the affected vehicles after November 2, 2012 excepting inter-family changes of ownership between immediate family members.

HACC Processing:  Hyundai will review owner requests and send reimbursement within 30 days of their complete claim submission.

November 2, 2012